Sunday, 29 March 2009

Thee Pinhead Jookbox #1

Time for my first music post, and for my premier tune it's one of my all-time favourite singles. "Time of My Life" by Manufactured Romance was released on Fresh records in 1980 and is the only release by the band apart from two tracks on the "Backstage Pass" punk compilation. A superb pop-punk tune with ace vocals from Nina Spencer bring to mind Penetration at their best.
I caught them live once at The Greyhound in Chadwell Heath, Essex and they put on a great show.
They released a compilation of live tracks, demos and their minimal recorded output last year which may still be available via their website or MySpace. The songs show that they really coulda been contenders had things worked out better for them.

Romance - Time Of My Life

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  1. Very Penetration, and almost Altered Images or Dolly Mixtures meets The Jam